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Week 1: Students will be given a brief history of The British Invasion and Beatlemania. Students will be shown “She Loves You” by the Beatles, another copy of which is available here. Students are then asked to discuss the structure of the piece in terms of Verse and Chorus, and decide what form the piece takes (rondo, tiernery, binary etc). Students will form a small group and each song will pick a song from this era. Students will be given the music and begin to learn how to play the song they have chosen. Students can change the songs around to suit themselves.

Week 2: Students will be given a copy of the score of “She Loves You” which is here. The Beatles – She Loves you. Students will then be asked to arrange either a Brass part, a Strings part or a Woodwind part for the piece. The arrangement only has to be chords comprising of each instrument in the instrument group they choose. As half the students are arranging the other half are practicing their songs in their groups.

Week 3: Students will be asked to discuss the use of tone colour in “She Loves You” whilst listening to the piece. They will be asked to descibe the use of instruments and how the singers sing together. Students will also listen to different covers of the song and asked how they differ from the original. Students will then split up with half rehearsing their songs and the other half arranging “She Loves You”.

Week 4: Students will be asked to perform in front of the class with the song that they have chosen. The students will also be asked to finish and hand in their arrangements of “She Loves You”.


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