Student page-Scotland the Brave

Week 1: Students will be shown the piece Scotland the Brave and will be asked to identify the timbre of the bagpipes. Students will also be given the score to Scotland the brave. Also avaliable here. Students will be asked to divide into groups and asked to arrange a score using instruments of their choice,  including a drum part.  Students who cannot play too well can play the drone that the bagpipes play, either as a single note or as a chord. Students will also be set an assignment which is set out at the end of this page.

Week 2 & 3: Students will be asked to study their copy of the music and analyse several aspects of the score. What key signiture is it in, What time signiture. What the different notes are and the values of these notes. These will be set as the class learns these simple lessons. Students will also practice their pieces independantly with help from the teacher when required.   

Week 4: Students will be asked to perform in front of the class with the arrangement that they have written.

Assignment: Students will be asked to do a short essay on the bagpipe. This essay can include the history of the bagpipe, the cultural importance of the bagpipe and different styles used by bagpipes.



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