more on ken robinson

a friend of mine just sent me this interesting link.

check it out here.

this is a lot like the 2006 lecture on but is animated and a lot more to the point. i have found that it is also a lot more directed towards the american education system, but as our education system seems to me to be almost exactly the same it is easy to transfer the ideas.

let me know what you think.

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ken robinson

I just watched the newer ken robinson blog. I have to think about it a lot more before I can write anything of value. But I want to ask anyone what they thought of it.

View it here. and let me know what you think.

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Music education

Einstein did not finish school, or so the story goes. he was, however, an accomplished violinist. When he became stuck on a problem he would put the problem aside and play around on his violin until his mind became clear and he could finish the problem.

Creativity is important especially in children as they can take ideas past the point of which we think is wrong, and although it will not always be a perfect outcome, it has the potential to become something great. Without taking risks we can never be great. This is why music education, along side the rest of the arts, should not be a strict style, but a free style in which the teacher assists the children to find their own voice, and confidence, and keep their brains free of the restraints that we have had ‘educated’ into us.

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